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At Top Outliers, reviews the top outliers in every industry. The goal here is to shed a light on true excellence—and to connect the public with the top achievers and more noteworthy players in every industry. By highlighting the top outliers, is able to showcase the very best of what’s around. Reviews Outliers

But first things first: What exactly do we mean when we talk about the top outliers? At its root, outliers is simply a mathematical term. It denotes any data point that stands apart from the rest. Say you had a month in which 30 days reached a high temperature of somewhere between 79 and 81 degrees, and then you had one day where the temperature got up to 101. That 101 day is an outlier, existing well beyond the rest of the data.

When reviews the top outliers in different industries, then, it reviews individuals and companies that excel, and that achieve at a high level. If you want a great example of what a true outlier is, look no further than to Michael Jordan—the greatest basketball player of all time, by most estimates. Look in particular to his legendary Game 6 performance, in which a flu-ridden Jordan led his team to a championship victory by playing the best hoops of his life. The man, and that performance in particular, shows what a real outlier looks like.

Not all outliers are quite so flashy. You can find outliers in any industry. Think of Bill Gates, an all-time outlier in the field of software development. Think also of Steve Jobs, an outlier in the realm of design. You can find outliers in any field, from athletics and music to politics, investment, and Internet security.

And incidentally: Not all outliers are individuals. Often, companies and organizations stand out from their respective fields, emerging as outliers in the best sense of the term. reviews outliers of all kinds at its Top Outliers site—ranging from people to organizations, and including all industries and verticals.

Why Reviews the Top Outliers

The question many readers will have is why. Why is it that reviews the best and the brightest from so many different fields? The answer to this question is twofold.

For one thing, reviewing the top outliers allows to help consumers and investors locate the best people and companies out there. Yes, outliers like Michael Jordan and Steve Jobs are quite well-known, but who are the outliers in online marketing, in wedding photography, in pet grooming, and in educational technology? Unless you’re an active member in those industries, you may not have an answer. reviews the outliers to give the best players in each industry their due.

But there is another, even more important reason why reviews top outliers—and that’s because online review sites are so critical in today’s consumer landscape. Simply put, people look to online reviews to help them make their purchasing decisions. Negative reviews, posted to sites like and, can utterly decimate the prospects of even the best, most stalwart companies—and sadly, erroneous and defamatory reviews are a dime a dozen. These reviews are often planted by business rivals or disgruntled employees, and they have led to the ruin of many upstanding businesses.

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Through Top Outliers, provides businesses and individuals the ability significantly enhance their brand online. The purpose of this site is to work in tandem with’s online reputation management offerings, ultimately allowing clients to assume greater control of their online notices through the proliferation of positive and brand-enhancing reviews.

It is vital to note that, though the reviews posts to Top Outliers are indeed positive, they are also truthful. This is not a site that perpetuates fraudulent online reviews, because fake reviews ultimately do a disservice to consumers. More to the point, perhaps, fake reviews can lead companies into legal action. They can also result in penalties from the search engine algorithms.

At Top Outliers, reviews the best companies in their respective fields, shining the spotlight on the achievements that make those companies so great—true outliers, in the best possible sense of the term. Do you believe your brand is an outlier in its field—or do you think of yourself as an outlier in your chosen vocation? If so, contact today and ask about getting reviewed!

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Ultimately, is in the business of helping its clients shine. With a client list that ranges from Fortune 500 companies to politicians, celebrities, and public figures, is constantly innovating new ways to build brands and improve reputations on the Internet. From its headquarters in Philadelphia, the company is a leader in providing proprietary strategies and technologies, designed to help clients put their best foot forward on the Web.

Of course, this means moderating online reviews. That’s where Top Outliers comes into play. The site is ultimately meant to provide businesses and individuals with a way to generate positive and organic online buzz. By getting reviewed on the site,’s clients can showcase their best attributes while also encouraging other consumers to leave more positive endorsements.

The review moderation services of do not end there. The agency also provides custom review widgets, which companies can use to interact with their clients and customers, encouraging meaningful feedback while eliminating the abuses of cyber bullies. In addition, also owns several other reputable and authoritative review sites, where clients can receive honest and brand-enhancing assessments without facing the risk of unmediated online defamation.

Outliers in Brand Enhancement

In the end, one might say that is the outlier firm in the field of online reputation management and brand enhancement. Certainly, reviews all of the best ways to help its clients shine on the Internet. And, at Top Outliers, reviews the finest companies in the world; to have your name counted among them, contact and ask about brand enhancement services today.