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Entrust Your Child To The Right People: How To Select The Best San Diego Preschool

The first thing to understand when looking for a San Diego preschool is that as parents, you are considered as your childs first teachers. Likewise, preschool teachers may be viewed as your kids second parents.

This makes it necessary for your preschoolers educators to be well-qualified, passionate about their jobs, and willing to care for your child as much as you do.

The Teaching Staff Determines the Quality of Child Care in San Diego

- One important thing to look into is the qualification of the teaching staff such as their certifications and trainings. Visit the preschool on a school day and observe how the teachers interact with the pupils.

The best teachers make the kids feel safe while encouraging them to be independent and inquisitive.

- Check the teachers body language. See if they crouch to the kids level to speak with them eye-to-eye and if they provide the students with open-ended questions.

- Another thing to investigate when looking for a Chula Vista preschool is staff retention. A high turnover rate suggests that teachers are dissatisfied with the conditions in the school.

Furthermore, being abandoned by teachers after the kids have just bonded with them can cause issues with trust.

- The ideal teacher: child ratio is 1:10. See if the school adheres to this standard.

The Best Chula Vista Preschool Program will Involve You

- Another important thing to assess in a preschool is the familys level of involvement in the childrens education. There should be parent conferences and family activities to make your child feel that he is supported.

- The school and the parents should have an open and direct relationship with each other in such a way that you are constantly updated about your childs progress.

Some schools even send parents newsletters on a weekly basis. Determine what methods of home-school communication each preschool offers.

- Inquire about how the teachers encourage positive behavior and address negative behavior. A good Chula Vista preschool has clear classroom guidelines so that your kid will know what he can do instead of what he cannot do.

- To avoid confusing your child, ensure that the disciplinary measures in school are congruent with how you discipline him at home. Beware of schools that provide punishment without offering a concrete plan on how to redirect a childs inappropriate behavior.

An ideal school will emphasize on constructive approaches to teaching your child new skills and strategies for managing his/her behavior.

The Best Preschools in San Diego are Geared towards Ongoing Improvement

- Have a one-on-one with the school director. Find out about his/her vision for the pupils, families, and the community and how he/she intends to carry this out. A good school director has commitment to the continuous development of the school.

- Find out whether the teachers are provided with opportunities to improve themselves. These include courses and workshops.

- Ask whether the teaching staff are also trained in basic emergency care or if they know how to perform CPR. They should at least know how to carry out first aid.

Other Qualities to Look for in a Chula Vista Preschool

- Find out how many children there are in a classroom. There should be no more than twenty kids in the same age group.

- High quality schools will offer a research-based curriculum. It should also be in line with state learning standards for preschool. Some states require preschool teachers to have some background in early childhood development.

- Opt for a San Diego preschool, which can provide your child with a broad range of non-competitive activities without winners or losers. Rather than making everything about winning, a good school will focus on instilling the values of responsibility and leadership.

- Being separated from mommy and daddy for the first time can be stressful to your preschooler. Therefore, the school should have a clear phase-in policy.

Whether the school will require you to leave your little one on the first day or to stay in the classroom for the first month, both you and your child should be comfortable about the guidelines for separation.

In conclusion, you should entrust your child to a preschool peopled by teaching staff who are competent, caring, compassionate and content with their jobs. Choose a preschool, which will involve you in your childs learning process as opposed to one which will relieve you of the responsibility.

Lastly, a perfect preschool is all about having consistency when it comes to the quality of education, the staff, the rules, and the schools vision. For more info, check out the video below:


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