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The Importance Of Preparation Phase In Unplugging Bad Memories

All of us deal with bad memories in one way or the other. One cannot say that he or she never experienced an unfavorable memory. Thus, we all know what its like to have these kinds of memories. Depending on how bad it is, it can affect your way of life. It can affect the way you deal with people. And it basically affects your entire behavior.

For instance, if you had a bad memory about almost drowning while you were in the beach and it is a very bad memory, then it might affect how you treat going out to the beach. For most people, it is something that is very fun and exciting. But for you, it is something that relives a bad memory. And as much as possible, you dont want to go to the beach ever again.

Unplug those bad memories:

Times like these, you need to unplug those bad memories. And when you do, it requires careful and thorough preparation. It is not something that you instantly do right away. In fact, there is a science to it. Employing the effective techniques and strategies in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, one would be able to come up with effective and successful techniques that work in unplugging memories.

One has to go through the preparation phase so that you can effective unplug those unwanted memories. This involves the following:

Reliving a good memory

Identifying the physical attributes of the memory such as its location, smell, sound, sensation, and etc.

Removing those physical attributes from the good memory

Assessing the good memory once those physical attributes are already removed.

In this way, you would be able to establish the fact that what makes a good memory is based on the attributes that it possesses. If you consider birthdays to be a good memory and you identify its features such as balloons, the smell of cake, the sight of visitors and etc. These features make birthday events to be a good memory. Now, if we remove the birthday cakes, balloons, the sight of visitors and other good elements in that memory, that will render the memory to be devoid of good and happy thoughts.

In the same way, the same concept is being applied when it comes to unplugging those bad memories. There is a systematic way of unplugging those bad memories in such a way that the elements that are attributable to that memory only makes that memory to be unfavorable. Thus, to isolate it from that memory would free you from experiencing any traumatic experience.


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