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What You Need To Know About Cremation Funeral Services

Cremation Funeral services are held when the deceased had chosen to be cremated. Basically, there are no real differences between cremation and burial services, just the fact that there will be an urn in place of a coffin.

Ideally, cremation services do not have to take place withing a particular time frame, a standard feature with traditional funeral services. This makes it easier for the loved ones since they have more time to prepare for the funeral. However, just like a burial service, cremation memorials need to be prepared with extreme care.

The Time and Place of Memorial Service

Since cremation services can be held just about anywhere, you can choose any place except a funeral home. Cremation is a solemn occasion, but it doesn't have to be made more depressing by holding it at a funeral home.

You have the option of contacting a local church and hold the service. If you are not a member of the church, the minister can allow the service to be conducted at the church out of consideration of the community and in respect for the deceased. If the deceased wasn't a religious individual, you could think of taking the service to a place like a park or even a meeting place.

Memorial Keepsakes

It is a custom that tokens are handed out to the guests who have come to pay their last respects to the deceased and greet the family of the person. Usually, there are funeral programs as well as funeral prayer cards which are tokens of appreciations to those who have taken their time to attend the service.

Memorial bookmarks can also be used in place of prayer cards and programs during the cremation funeral services. Memorial bookmarks complement the programs to commemorate the service of the deceased.

Memorial bookmarks are ideal for these services, and they can be printed with a photo of the deceased along with a favorite or a saying. The other side can be printed with the date of the person's passing as well as the date and location of the service.

Thank You Notes

Some people find it ideal to send out funeral thank you notes to people who took their time to attend the memorial service. As such, you can add memorial bookmarks to such notes instead of handing them out near the end of the service. These notes serve as an extra memorial token to remember the deceased.


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