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Introduction To Celtic Astrology Tree Signs

What is Celtic tree astrology based on? It is based on the fact that the time we were born is very important in terms of determining your personality and behavior. Celts were popular for their expertise in observation. This observation is what helped them in recognizing that a particular child born in a certain season would develop specific character traits.

Due to their sacred admiration for the knowledge held by trees and their knowledge in earth cycles, the Druids developed Celtic tree astrology. Trees were regarded as the vessels of wisdom and therefore, the druids had a deep connection with them.

Because of this, every human personality was associated with a specific character of a specific tree. Through the knowledge of these trees, we can tell our character fully with insight and clarity. This article is here as an introduction to Celtic Astrology Tree signs that you may better understand this wondrful form of Astrology.

Birch-the achiever

This applies to those people who were born between December 24 and January 20. People belonging to this tree are believed to be driven by the energy of the Birch. They are highly driven and motivate others as they have the zeal and the ambition of becoming successful.

During this time of the year, Druids believe that darkness engulfs the world. Those born during this time, therefore, are looking for ways to search for light to overcome the darkness. The Birchs are resilient, tough and tolerant.

They are natural born leaders and have a command in situations calling for leadership. They are very charming and can brighten a room with their guile and quick wit.

Rowan the thinker

Those people born between January 21 and February 17 fall under the rowan tree category. They are philosophical among all the zodiacs. Rowans are keen-minded visionaries. They are creative and original. Their mere presence can transform people and situations. They are very influential in a quiet way and they are highly regarded for their unique perspectives.

Ash the enchanter

Those born between February 18 and March 17 belong to the ash tree category. The ashes are free thinkers. They see the world in a watercolor purity as they are naturally artistic, intuitive and imaginative.

They are mostly in touch with nature and this is why they may seem to be withdrawn and aloof at times. This is because they are inspired by nature and their inner self is in creativity mode. They are strongly interested in theology, art, writing, and science.

Alder-the trailblazer

You are an Alder if you were born in between March 18 and April 14. Alders are naturally pathfinders. They are the movers and shakers of many causes in the society. They try gaining followers to help them in achieving their cause.

They are social able, gregarious and charming. Their strength lies in the fact that they are easy to mingle with. They are confident and self-assured. They do everything with passion and are much focused. This is one of the reasons why they hate waste especially waste of time. They highly regard results as a fuel to motivate them.

Willow-the observer

This is the group of people born between April 15 and May 12. Most of their character is highly related to the lunar mystique. They are intelligent, intuitive and creative. Patience is one of the coreS of their zodiac as they know that each situation has its own season. Their intelligence makes them expound subjects from memory but tendS to hold themselves for fear of looking flamboyant

Hawthorn the illusionist.

Born between May 13 and June 9, Hawthorn have double personalities. They have a different personality inward and a totally different one outwards. They can easily adapt to almost all situations. They are also naturally curious, humorous and excellent listeners.

Oak- the stabilizer

They are born between June 10 and July 7. They are protective to those people who have no voice. They are simply described as crusaders for the weak in society. They are optimists and believe in positive outcomes. Most of them love to impart knowledge and enjoy large family settings.

Holly-the ruler

Born between July 8 and august 4, hollies take positions of power and leadership. They tackle each and every challenge with ease. Defeat to them is only a learning experience and not the final sentence. They are confident, can appear arrogant, competitive, and ambitious.

Hazel-the knower

They are born between August 5 and September 1. They are efficient, highly organized and intelligent. Academic is one of their areas of success. They are good memorizers and are in most cases well informed in most issues. Having an eye for detail is a natural skill for them and that is why they have good analytical skills.

Vine the equalizer

Their personality is both unpredictable and changeable. They are those born between September 2 and September 29. Their personality is mostly signified by indecisiveness. This is because they tend to see the other side of the coin. Luxury is part of their life. They have a classic poise and style that is admired by many.

Ivy-the survivor

Their most prized is the ability to overcome all odds. September 30 October 27 is their birthday. Their personality revolves around loyalty, compassion, and sharp intellect. They are persevering and endure troubling times. They are also generous, soft-spoken, and charismatic.

Reed-the inquisitor

They are the secret keepers and the investigators of any given situations. This is the reason why they are drawn to good love stories, lore, legend, scandals, and gossip. They can make good detectives, journalists, and historians. They are times be very manipulative.

Elder-the seeker They are born between November 24 and December 23. Elders are freedom loving and may appear to be wild compared to other zodiacs. Deeply thoughtful in philosophical terms they may seem to be withdrawn despite the fact they are extroverts. They also tend to be brutally honest and always helpful.

What Is The Fire Monkey Year In China

According to the Chinese tradition there is a habit of linking the years to a certain animal sign. They do this with various animals of the wild, hence each year is related to a certain animal and its sign. In this case the monkey is placed in the ninth position according to the zodiac of animals in China. The years of Monkey include 1920,1932,1980,2016 and 2028.

It is also the Chinese new Monkey year. in China which is related to certain colors. The Monkey year in this case is mainly associated with the white blue and gold colors. There is no major explanation for this since it is only a tradition followed by most of the people in china.

Along with this is another characteristic of the monkey year related to the numbers four and nine. Most of those born during this year associate and describe their lucky numbers as four and nine.

With the Chinese monkey calendar it is important to note that it does not start on first of January. However it follows a certain specific calendar known as the Chinese lunar calendar. The calendar is somehow different from the normal calendar. This is because the year starts and ends on the china new year. For this case if you are born in January or February ensure that you are careful to note the Chinese New Year. This is because you may forget your own birth sign after the Chinese year.

A person born in the Chinese fire Monkey year is associated with certain characteristics unique to them. Individuals with this nature are deemed to be witty and intelligent. They may take things they do to a certain extent that you will be amazed. Their level of reasoning is completely high and if you are lucky to be born in this year then make sure you maximize this fact.

They are also fast learners. The people with this birth year take only some few minutes to get to learn and understand something more quickly than the rest of the individuals. They may also indulge in lots of challenges and they wont allow anything you do go without questioning.

They tend to be very inquisitive in nature so dont be surprised if you receive loads of questions from people of this nature. Another characteristic of the monkey individuals as they are mainly referred to is that they take serious consideration about their talent and use it to the maximum. They take up every opportunity that presents itself very fast. Most of the successful people in China might be related to the year of the monkey in China.

Apart from this characteristic, people with this sign tend to take a great interest in their lifestyles. They will look into their health regularly and the ways in which they conduct their daily life activities. However most of the illness or health complications they experience are nervous breakdowns or complications of the circulatory system. This is due to the fact that they spend most of their time carryin out indoor activities and do not indulge in many outdoor activities. Most of the individuals from the Monkey year end up being scientists, film directors and other careers which are indoor based and involve lots of creativity.