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Updated: Wed, January 15, 2014
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Banc54 Helps Customers Safely Manage Their Finances

The world of finance is difficult to master, but firms such as Banc54 are working diligently to revolutionize the industry and to make it easier for the average investor. This boutique investment firm opened its doors shortly after the economic recession that plagued the world market.

After 2008, people became extremely cautious with their finances because they were afraid of losing their hard-earned money in risky investments. Fortunately, pioneers such as Banc54 emerged and were ready to change the industry to a safer standard. Not only does this firm provide its clients with the skills and knowledge to trade with safer investment options, but it also focuses on social responsibility and maintaining personal relationships with its entire clientele.

Banc54 was created in 2010 as a response to the cautious financial atmosphere and to help wary investors. A small group of financial professionals banded together in Hong Kong to develop a boutique investment firm that focused on non-traditional ideas that were developed by thinking outside the box.

What separates boutique investment firms from traditional companies is the dedication to a smaller clientele. This firm understood that clients were frustrated at the fact that they were receiving poor customer service from larger investment companies. Therefore, Banc54 has maintained a rather small client base since its inception, despite the fact that it has grown tremendously over the past few years.

Another way that this firm is committed to its customers is through education. The firm specializes in teaching its clients how to trade binary options, which have only recently become available to average investors over the past few years. Prior to the recession, they were exclusive to large companies. However, it became apparent that they were excellent tools for the cautious investor who wanted to ensure that his or her money was safe in the market.

Binary options came to prominence after 2008 in response to the failure of the standard trade market. Prior to this time period, forex, mutual funds, and CFDs were the main controllers of the financial trade industry. They made profits off of investors’ losses, and their products were considered too convoluted for the average trader. Eventually, these companies monopolized the market, which led to investors developing a destructive habit of trading that would not benefit them over a long period of time.

Unfortunately, investors did not realize until it was too late that these banks were not helping their financial matters. The market started to fall apart, and investors were left with crumbling portfolios. Meanwhile, the governments of the world were bailing the banks out without hesitancy. What made investors really angry was the fact that these banks claimed that they were “too big to fail.”

The institutions were provided with safety nets while the investors were cast into a pitfall where they were left with significantly less money. Banc54 came to the rescue to help these investors get back on top by providing a way to trade in a safer environment.

The firm brought high-quality professionals and excellent customer service to the table, which quickly raised investor spirits. Banc54 adopted the Colchian Dragon as its logo; a mythological creature from Greek mythology that was rumored to never sleep, rest, or decrease in vigilance. The firm believed that it personifies these same characteristics.

The investment professionals are always vigilant and make it their top priority to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Clients that work with the firm can rest assured knowing that their money and their interests are safe.

 Banc54 Assists with Binary Option Trading

Banc54 focuses its efforts on helping clients make smart investment choices that are less risky but still effective at delivering a return. Every client that walks through the firm’s doors is assigned a personal broker who will stick with them through every step of the way. Every professional employed at the company has extensive experience in the financial realm, so clients do not have to worry about finding themselves in inexperienced hands.Banc54 Helps Customers Safely Manage Their Finances

The advisors are especially adept at the art of trading binary options, which is a niche market. As mentioned previously, binary options had only recently become popular amongst the average traders, so it is wise to have experienced professionals at the ready.

Customers have access to a training program that was recently awarded for its outstanding efficiency and easy-to-use interface. This program consists of numerous educational tools and articles that work with money management and financial calendars. Users will find that this program also helps them by providing tactics for analyzing charts and addressing major economic events that are sure to impact investments.

Banc54 has received much recognition for hosting one of the most advanced binary options platforms in the entire world. The interface is customized for easy use for any type of investor, no matter how tech-savvy they are. The rest of the platform hosts a variety of options that is impossible to find in competitor systems.

The firm’s platform holds over 100 different assets, which are all open for trading, and is expecting more to arrive in the near future. Account holders with the firm have the ability to customize their investment options in any manner they wish. They can even add additional assets so as to accumulate better benefits. The firm’s platform provides an economic event tracker that was unseen before in the industry. It is built into a digital calendar and makes the process of calculations and trades incredibly simple.

One of the most impressive features is the platform’s combination of factors from different financial websites. This brings tons of resources together on one platform, thereby making the whole trade process much easier for the investor.

This firm believes that binary options are not for the amateur investor. The process of trading on the market is speculative and requires extensive experience to master. Fortunately, the firm’s professionals work with the clients to help them learn the basics of these options.

Binary options are different than traditional stocks, but they still require the same caution. Investors are encouraged to not get involved with these types of options unless they have expendable capital. An unwise investment can lead to a severe impact on an investor’s personal budget so they should always tread lightly.

Binary options have many moving parts. Their most important components are their expiry dates/times. These factors determine a specific payout, which traders establish at the beginning of the trade. Once the trade has begun, the investor is given small bits of information such as payout, risk, strike price, and expiry. The expiry is the determining level that establishes whether an option has expired in-the-money or out-of-the-money. Investors receive a fixed payment amount if their options expire in-the-money; however, the opposite happens when they expire out-of-the-money, and they can end up losing a majority of their investment.

Since binary options are available around the world, they are tradable at virtually any time. Banc54’s investment professionals keep a close watch on clients’ assets around the clock. Clients maintain constant contact with their advisors through phone, email, and text message. They will not have to fear losing contact with their agent and can ensure that their investments are in good hands. Diversifying or tracking a portfolio is as easy as clicking a button, and Banc54’s training module makes it much simpler.


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